"THANK YOU for the wonderful last 2 years of renting at Treehouse South!  I have come to have a great appreciation for your high quality maintenance and overall service that I am experiencing a new management company." -Tenant, Treehouse South, 2013-2015.

"Bobby is awesome!  He has done such a great job this year!  Best maintenance guy in East Lansing!" -Avenue Resident, 4/17/15

"Very friendly, fast service." -Tenant, Residences 4/6/15

"Joe is always so friendly & wonderful to have when things need to be fixed." -Stonehouse Village Resident, 10/30/14

"Thank you for your services this year.  As a side note, I'd like to express my satisfaction with the maintenance team and Bobby in specific.  He was helpful throughout my time here."  -Maplewood Resident, 7/10/14

"Mike was so kind to work around our schedules and did a great job - and went above and beyond in cleaning the area where the work was done.  The maintenance manager and his staff in general are just fantastic and so quick to make repairs and keep the building in order :)" -Resident, Stonehouse Village

"No words can possibly express my appreciation for all the great things you have been able to accomplish with our building over the past 3 years!  Thanks!" -Jack M., Building Owner

"Thanks for addressing my maintenance issues promptly a few week ago.  I really do appreciate it." -Tiffany W., Resident

"Service here is amazing & exceeded all expectations" -Resident, Treehouse West #17

"Jesse is always helpful, excellent worker, did job 10 minutes after calling!" -Resident, Evergreen Point

"Mike was wicked friendly and nice about coming to help!" -Resident, Treehouse West II Apartments

"Joe is GREAT.  Very prompt, sweet & helpful.  We appreciate him very much." -Resident, Treehouse North Apartments

"Thank you for three great years with your properties.  I would recommend you to anyone!!" -Resident, Evergreen Point, 5/10/12